Children get sporty to ensure healthy hearts

Jump off to raise money for British Heart Foundation
Jump off to raise money for British Heart Foundation

PUPILS at a Southwick school took part in lots of sporty games and activities last week to help keep their hearts healthy, and teach them fitness habits for life.

The reception and year-one pupils at Glebe Primary School in Church Lane, Southwick, ended the week with a special skipping ‘jump off’ to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Year-four pupil Lizzie Bland said: “Lots of people thought they couldn’t skip but everyone got involved, practised hard and skipped really well on the day.

“It was good to raise money for other people.”

Tegan Schafer, also in year four, said: “After our jump off, my heart was really pumping and I was really happy to be raising money at the same time.”

Tammy Waine, active communities officer at Adur Council, helps run the Hearty Lives Adur project, working with children and parents to reduce long-term risks of coronary heart disease.

She said: “Heart disease is at quite a high level in Adur so it’s really important that we teach children as early as four or five about keeping their hearts healthy before unhealthy habits set in.”

PE subject leader Clare Jackson said: “This week is all about raising awareness of healthy lifestyles and encouraging children to take part in physical activity.”

As well as the jump off, the school held two sports days, Zumba classes and tennis and cricket lessons with local cubs and coaches.

“The sports days went really well, with lots of participation and everybody being active and having fun,” said Miss Jackson.

“There was a very competitive element, which culminated in key-stage-two Lewes beating Bramber by one point.”

Speaking about sports day, reception pupil Finley Thomas said his favourite activity had been javelin.

“You had to throw the rockets into the middle of the cones and you got a big round of applause,” he said.

Miss Jackson said the school was trying to instil sporting values and teamwork in the children and said all those taking part got points for participating, with extra points given to the winners.

“Everybody feels like they have played an important part,” she said.

“It’s not often you get the whole school together, teachers, parents, kids.

“It’s been really heartwarming to see the children come together and look out for each other as apart of a team and contributing towards organising and running events, turning up early to help set things up. It has been a really rewarding week.”

Many pupils said they had enjoyed the activities and had had great fun all week.

Year-six pupils Tiana Slater Bowen and Georgia Morris acted as sports leaders for the younger children.

“We really enjoyed being sports leaders because we could see the smile on their faces when we cheered for them,” they said.