Charity workers’ 208 years of loyal service

Dogs Trust staff at Shoreham
Dogs Trust staff at Shoreham

STAFF at a Shoreham charity have racked up more than two centuries of service between them.

Since 1988, Dogs Trust Shoreham has cared for thousands of rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The 24 members of staff have put in 208 years of combined service, in roles ranging from management to canine carers, receptionists and maintenance staff, and all come from a variety of previous careers.

Assistant managers Vicky Grylls and Vicky Bartle are the longest serving members of the team, working for Dogs Trust for 25 and 24 years each.

Rehoming centre manager and former bank worker Tracey Rae has clocked up 13 years’ service and former teaching assistant, now canine carer, Lorraine Rawlins has been at the centre for 17 years.

Other members of staff held a range of posts before joining the rescue charity, including a fairground worker, a beautician and an IT professional.

Tracey said: “We are incredibly lucky to have so many dedicated members of staff here at the centre.

“We are all like one big happy family and we are driven by knowing we really do make a difference to the lives of rescue dogs.“Our staff have come from all walks of life and I think that is what makes it work.

“As well as our amazing staff, we are supported by over 50 volunteers who help us to walk the dogs and give them essential care.”

The oldest member of staff is 62 and the youngest is 21.

In 2008, two canine carers, Ryan Hawkins and Beckie Brightwell, met and fell in love at the rehoming centre and eventually got married.

“We really are one big, happy, sometimes covered in dog hair, family,” said Tracey

Staff listed the best things about working for Dogs Trust. These were:

Seeing the joy on new owners faces as they pick up their Dogs Trust dog for the first time.

Successfully hand-rearing puppies.

Seeing a dog who has been mistreated coming out of its shell through TLC.

An ex Dogs Trust dog paying you a visit to say hello and thank you.

Working with an owner to help them be able to keep their dog which they had considered giving up.

Seeing the excitement of a dog as he or she goes to its new home.

Being licked by a puppy first thing in the morning

Being able to comfort a scared dog who is missing its owner or has been mistreated

Teaching a dog basic commands to make it more rehome-able.

Seeing a long term dog finally go to a loving new home.

Falling in love with a dog so much that you end up rehoming it yourself.

Dogs Trust Shoreham is one of Dogs Trust’s oldest rehoming centres and celebrated its 25-year anniversary last year.

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