Campaign seeking to end torture

SHOPPERS in Shoreham town centre will be invited to sign letters and cards for torture victims.

Shoreham and Worthing Amnesty Group is asking people to join its Stop Torture campaign.

There will be a stall outside Shoreham Methodist Church, in Brunswick Road, on Saturday morning.

Secretary Peter Bedwell said: “Torture happens behind closed doors.

“It happens when there are no lawyers or doctors present, when police and others with power to wield do not fear the consequences of their actions. But by ensuring such safeguards are in place, we can stop torture.

“Please support our Stop Torture campaign in order to ensure that no one has to suffer at the hands of a torturer.”

Since 2009, Amnesty International has received reports of torture in 141 countries. A new global poll, specially commissioned by them, has revealed that 44 per cent of people around the world fear being tortured in their own country.

The new campaign focuses on Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines and Uzbekistan, and within these countries five individuals who have survived torture.

Amnesty said that in each of these countries torture is a major concern, but it believes global pressure can bring about change.