Camera captures nothing as sixth glass panel is smashed

The new camera overlooking Adur Ferry Bridge
The new camera overlooking Adur Ferry Bridge

THE new CCTV camera on the Adur Ferry Bridge has failed to capture any useful footage or deter vandals as yet another panel has been smashed.

The total number of damaged panes of glass is now six, and police are no closer to catching the culprits.

West Sussex County Council said the footage had not captured anything suspicious.

A council spokesman said: “A panel has been broken but the reason for it is unexplained.”

Speaking on Tuesday, the spokesman said the council had replaced four out of six panels, and would be working to replace the remaining two.

“We haven’t reported this broken panel as a crime to Sussex Police because we have no evidence that there was one committed,” he said.

This response, and the fact that latest damage is on the outside of the panel, suggests vandals were not to blame this time.

When asked if this meant vandalism was being ruled out in general, the spokesman said: “No, we believe vandals were to blame for previous panels smashing.

“However this particular panel was on the outside of the bridge, and according to the CCTV footage smashed sometime between 3.51pm and 3.57pm on Tuesday, June 24.

“This break is currently unexplained, so we are investigating what happened in this instance.”

The spokesman revealed the total cost for the supply, installation and testing of the CCTV equipment had been £9,000.

Residents have their own ideas about what is causing the damage.

Laura McKale Reynolds of Brighton Road said she thought bad planning and a preference for ‘style over substance’ was to blame.

“Whether it’s vandalism or structural, the fact that neither of those possibilities were factored in implies huge naivety or a lack of caring,” said Mrs McKale Reynolds.

“The fact they made a bridge out of glass and yet had no spares blows my mind,” she added.

Other suggestions from residents for the cause of the damage included cheap glass and even ‘kamikaze seagulls’.

The police are continuing to monitor the situation.

A police spokesman said: “We will investigate any report of crime thoroughly.

“I would urge anyone who has information about criminal damage to contact us but if you see vandalism taking place, call 999 immediately.”