Call for action on dangerous debris

Debris and flooding in Mouse Lane, Steyning
Debris and flooding in Mouse Lane, Steyning
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RESIDENTS are calling for action on ‘dangerous’ debris strewn across their road.

People living in Mouse Lane have asked West Sussex County Council to take action following the recent flooding.

Adrian Burton told Chanctonbury County Local Committee about the problems at its meeting in Steyning last Wednesday.

“I can’t believe it is a public road to be left in such a state,” he said. “It is obviously like a river down there at the best of times.

“The debris on the road now is horrendous. As soon as we have the frosts, we are going to have a problem with slipping on the road.

“It is a real danger hazard, a real mess, and the residents are up in arms about it. We are trying to get some action and get it moved forward.”

Chairman David Barling said there was a doubt about whether it was a public road and said he would look into it.

“I do understand where you are coming from,” he added.

“Mouse Lane sits down on top of an historic watercourse. The trouble with altering it is the water is determined to go down to the River Adur and if it doesn’t go down the historic route, it will go through someone’s house.”

Roger Harding, assistant highways manager, agreed it was an historic conduit for water.

“The biggest problem is the run-off water from adjacent land,” he pointed out.

He said there had been issues with flooding there for many years but the committee agreed to look into it and report back to residents.