Butlin’s tells families to stay away because of flooded roads

Thousands of families have been told to forget driving to Bognor Regis by Butlin’s.

Monday, 11th June 2012, 3:30 pm

The company has texted all those booked to stay in the resort from Monday, June 11, to alert them all the roads into the town have been closed by the police because of severe flooding.

It is advising them to turn round and go home rather than be trapped with young children aboard for hours in a logjam of motorists.

Jae Hopkins, Butlin’s head of communications, said: “Today was due to have been the start of a Monday to Friday term-time break.

“Our Bognor resort was heading towards being totally full with several thousand guests but we don’t want people to come all the way to the edge of Bognor and find they can’t get through the floods. That’s a horrible situation to be in.

“One of our team members, who used to work in Bognor and knows all the roads, tried to find a way in and couldn’t.

“We’ve texted all our guests booked for Bognor today and for whom we have mobile phone numbers to ring us.

“When they do, we are telling them the situation and giving them the option to ring us tomorrow to find out the situation and we will refund them a day’s stay, switch to our Minehead or Skegness resorts where we have freed up accommodation or choose another date.

“We can certainly accommodate everyone booked into our resort in Bognor. It’s just that they can’t get to us.”

This week would usually see the Bognor resort packed all week with families with young children enjoying themselves, she said.