Bus card warning

For those readers who are unaware, since December 5, Stagecoach buses have been using smartcard readers to process concessionary travel pass users.

Wednesday, 21st December 2011, 6:02 am

Whilst at the Worthing council offices on Wednesday 7, I noticed a very large number of people complaining that their passes were not working. On being advised by council staff that they would have to apply for replacements (at a cost of £5) there were a number of disgruntled people.

Since nobody else appears to be issuing the warning, I will. These passes contain a magnetic thing which is read by the ticket machines.

If you bend your pass, or keep it in a pocket or bag with metallic (and particularly magnetised) objects you may accidentally delete the information – and you will have to pay £5 for a new pass.

So be warned, everyone, keep your pass safe, secure, and in the same place as your bank cards to ensure it keeps working.

Andrew Duggan

St Clares

Marine Place