Bridge restored after ‘mindless’ vandalism

Adur Ferry Bridge
Adur Ferry Bridge
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ALL the smashed glass panels on the Adur Ferry Bridge have now been replaced.

This means the bridge is undamaged for the first time since early March when vandals first struck, marking the start of several ‘mindless’ attacks which continued for months.

Now the bridge has been restored to its former glory by engineers employed by West Sussex County Council.

Shoreham county councillor Debbie Kennard said she would like to find out who was responsible for the damage.

“I’d just like to find out who it is and make them pay for it,” she said. “Everybody had better keep a lookout.We worked so hard to get it and for somebody to just come along and smash it was terrible.”

The cost of the repair work completed last week is unconfirmed but it is estimated that each panel cost around £1,000 to replace.

The bridge, which links Shoreham Beach to the mainland, cost around £10million to build and was opened last November.

“Every time I go over Norfolk Bridge and look at it, I feel we have achieved something,” said Mrs Kennard.

She said the nature of CCTV meant criminals could only be caught after the act and it did not stop the ‘mindless and thoughtless’ vandals in the first place.

“I’m pleased, but let’s hope it stays that way and people respect it because it’s been a long time coming and we were lucky to get the money,” she said.

“I love to see people go over there, it’s just a beautiful thing. I still look at it in awe and I wish everybody else did.”

County councillor Mick Clark said he was ‘absolutely over the moon’ the bridge had been repaired.

“After many, many months of hooligans smashing the bridge we have got it back in one piece and that’s fantastic,” he said.

“Hopefully we can catch the people who are doing it because they will come back.”

Cameras now watch over the bridge 24 hours a day.

MP Tim Loughton said: “It is a pity that no one has been brought to justice for the criminal damage yet and I hope they have got the message that they are not wanted anywhere near Shoreham as our town really takes a pride in this fantastic addition to the local landscape.”