Beach huts in East Worthing would be a blight on sea views and a potential hazard

Residents of Clarence Court are not happy about the plans. Picture: Derek Martin
Residents of Clarence Court are not happy about the plans. Picture: Derek Martin

The whole point of the anti-beach hut campaign in East Worthing is to preserve the view of a fabulous stretch of wild beach and the sea beyond it for all those who run, jog, walk and cycle past it in their thousands every year.

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This is our common heritage as the people of Worthing. Effectively the council is planning to deny us all the enjoyment of this spectacular view by selling it off to the wealthy who can afford a yearly beach hut rental. It’s downright iniquitous.

Yes, the adjacent apartment blocks – Esplanade Court and Clarence Court – would benefit from not having 32 beach huts slapped down in front of them and could justifiably feel indignant.

But it’s the damage to one of the town’s finest stretches of beach that would be the hardest to stomach. Sea cabbage has taken root on the shingle along with other marine plants such as yellow-horned poppy, viper’s bugloss, valerian, thrift, crambe and cordifolia. With careful nurturing, Worthing could boast a beach garden along the lines of the ones in Shoreham and Dungeness.

Beach huts would be a blight on this section of the Worthing shoreline for scores of reasons that have nothing to do with the loss of a magnificent view. One of the most alarming is the danger involved. The proposed beach huts would be feet from the present bike path. The very real possibility of a child colliding with a speeding cyclist doesn’t bear thinking about.

If you’d like to preserve this precious beach from 32 thoroughly inappropriate beach huts you could contact the council at quoting the reference number AWDM/0553/19.

Let’s keep this beach pristine for all in Worthing!

Stephen Webbe

Brighton Road, Worthing


New beach huts planned for Worthing seafront


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