Around 30 students ‘jump’ level crossing

PEOPLE watched in horror as a group of young people jumped level crossing gates in Shoreham.

Eye witnesses described the group as foreign students and said at least one boy hurdled the gates while they were down.

“Another girl was whacked on the back as the gates came down,” said the High Street resident, who was near the Brunswick Road level crossing at the time.

Network Rail spokesman Chris Denham said: “It happened at 6.39pm on August 16, when the signaller began to lower the barriers at Shoreham station level crossing.

“The crossing is manually controlled from Lancing, using the CCTV cameras to check the crossing is clear.

“Two of the four barriers were down when a group of around 30 young people ran across the railway, some of them jumping the barriers and some leaping them even when all four were down.”

British Transport Police was advised of the incident and Network Rail checked that the lights and signs were all working and in place.