Appeal for time-travel treasures

STEYNING Festival organisers are appealing for donations of clothing and accessories to help create 17th century costumes.

Many people will be dressing up during the Festival for a special 1614 dance planned for Wiston House on June 8, to help the festival finish with a flourish.

Dressing up in 17th century finery is not compulsory, but organisers say it will help create a finale to be proud of.

To ensure everyone looks the part, a series of costume-making workshops have been scheduled in the run-up to the festival so people can conjure up 17th century costumes.

To achieve this, organisers hope to inspire everyone to have a rummage in their wardrobes and attics or scout car-boot sales on their behalf, so that the costume makers will have an abundance of 17th century fashion accessories to pick and choose from.

People will be able to make their own accessories and full costumes in the workshops, and organisers are looking for the following items: Costume jewellery, strings of pearls and beads; lace, velvet, damask-type fabrics, fine cotton or satin; feathers; gilt, pearl, or pebble shaped buttons; old cloaks, floppy beret style hats, patterned or woven belts; big, colourful long skirts; large white blouses or shirts; plain-coloured men’s suits or waistcoats and braid or ribbon stiffening or Buckram.

Volunteers are needed to help run costume workshops, and anyone who is interested should contact Emma Cafferty on 07961 029982 or Judy Krolick on 07810 104193.