Anti-war protesters in Steyning

Protesters blocked the road into the conference with a 'Game Over' banner
Protesters blocked the road into the conference with a 'Game Over' banner

ANTI-war campaigners were in Steyning today, handing out flyers to residents.

Members of anti-arms trade group Smash EDO were demonstrating outside a meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) at Wiston House.

Several banners were hung from nearby road bridges, reading ‘No Nato, No Imperialism’.

The protesters blocked the road into the conference with a ‘Game Over’ banner, causing a tailback outside the entrance until police arrived.

One person was arrested, believed to be for a breach of the Public Order Act.

Campaigners arrived in Steyning early this morning to do banner drops ahead of the demonstration.

NATO is holding a Post 2014 Strategic Narrative Conference until Wednesday at Wiston House. Its aim is to set the agenda and content for the 2014 NATO Summit, due to take place in Wales in September.

Chloe Marsh from Smash EDO said: “Senior NATO and member state officials, parliamentarians, and defence and security experts are gathering right now in Steyning. We are here to oppose them.”

Fellow protester Michelle Tester added: “Some of us have visited regions that have been targeted by NATO. We have seen buildings devastated by bombings and we have met local people who have lost friends and family.

“We oppose the demonisation by western governments and the media of people from countries that are the victims of NATO’s invasions...for our friends, wherever they live, for our communities, for our planet.”