Amphibious Volkswagen Polo sells on eBay for £170

The amphibious car setting off on a journey up the River Adur from Shoreham
The amphibious car setting off on a journey up the River Adur from Shoreham

AN amphibious car has been sold on eBay for £170 after successfully completing a charity challenge on the River Adur.

The heavily-modified Volkswagen Polo drives on land using a standard engine and cruises on water powered by an outboard motor.

Creators Barclay Hamer and Dan Boot-Handford piloted the craft for a mile up the Adur from the Ropetackle slipway in Shoreham to Emerald Quay last month.

Dan said he was pleased with the sum the car fetched at auction.

“To be honest, anything above £100 was a bonus because I would get £100 for scrapping it,” he said.

The pair raised almost £700 for Friends First, a Brighton charity that works with homeless and vulnerable people.

They decided to auction off the car, which cost £450 to build, rather than scrap it, are and giving all the profit to Friends First.

The outboard motor has already been sold but the steering wheel and wires to steer the motor are still in place.

Writing on eBay, Dan warned potential buyers: “Please remember this is a home-made project. But it does float, the engine does still run and it actually still has an MOT.”

The car is still road-legal with all the lights and seat-belt mounts intact.

The pair used the engine and steering column from a boat, cut the roof off the car, welded a keel on the bottom and added a barrel and expanding foam for buoyancy.

The car was bought by a Mr Duncan Tuttle from just outside Reading who hopes to use it for some charity fundraising of his own in future.