Alarm as travellers descend on park in Shoreham

Travellers in Park Avenue, Shoreham
Travellers in Park Avenue, Shoreham

RESIDENTS were alarmed to see travellers setting up camp in a Shoreham street today for the first time in at least 20 years.

Ten caravans and around a dozen other vehicles descended on the green in Park Avenue, Shoreham, at lunchtime on Tuesday.

The arrival coincided with a group being moved on from Lancing Business Park, suggesting they were one and the same.

A retired couple who live opposite the park, and wished to remain anonymous, said the travellers’ arrival had been a concern for the many elderly and disabled people living in the area, despite there having been no reported incidents of crime or antisocial behaviour.

Police and the council have so far made no comment on the situation.

See the Shoreham Herald, out Thursday, June 5, for the full story.