AIRSHOW: Vehicles begin leaving airfield

Shoreham Airshow crash SUS-150822-171919001
Shoreham Airshow crash SUS-150822-171919001

POLICE are asking visitors leaving the Shoreham Airshow this afternoon for their help in piecing together the moments leading up to the tragic crash which killed seven people.

Visitors were unable to leave the airport until around 5.50pm, except on foot, after a Hawker Harrier crashed into cars on the A27 at 1.20pm.

Airshow commentator Terence Henderson thanked visitors for their ‘patience and extreme goodwill’ in an announcement to the crowds.

He said coaches would leave via an exit across the airfield, with cars leaves from the south.

Motorists are being asked for any information or footage relating to the the crash before leaving, so visitors are advised to expect further delays.

The A27 remains closed in both directions.