41-year-old is banned from town

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A STEYNING man faces arrest and a possible prison sentence if he enters Horsham, having been banned from the town centre.

Robert Saunders, 41, of Goring Road, has been banned from Horsham town centre for two years for repeatedly causing antisocial behaviour in the area, a Sussex Police spokesperson said.

The only exceptions to the anti-social behaviour order are if Saunders has a meeting at Horsham District Council or a medical appointment in the town.

Saunders was also told he must not carry any open container of alcohol or encourage other people to commit antisocial behaviour.

The order, imposed by Crawley Magistrates’ Court, is in force until September 24 2016. If Saunders breaches it, he could be jailed.

PC James Munden said: “We applied for the anti-social behaviour order to try to stop the problems that Saunders has caused in the community.

“He has been repeatedly arrested for being drunk and disorderly in Horsham, is thought to be responsible for a number of assaults and has generally made a nuisance of himself.”

The area in Horsham from which Saunders is banned is bounded by Hurst Road to the north, North Street, Park Way and Denne Road to the east, the railway line to the south and Worthing Road, Albion Way, Bishopric, Springfield Road and North Parade to the west.