West Sussex nutritional therapist promises it's easy to eat well

People tend to shy away from just the thought of it, the feeling that it would be too much effort and far too difficult.

Wednesday, 18th November 2020, 10:00 am
Denise Kelly

But Denise Kelly’s point is that it’s always the right time to make a start on The Art Of Healthy Living, the title of her new book.

Then once you have made your start, in just a few days it will get easier and easier and good habits will start to grow.

Denise’s book, which sets out to explain how good nutrition and improved well-being lead to increased productivity, vitality and happiness, has been published by Capstone, A Wiley Brand, as a full colour paperback original and e-book at £14.99 (ISBN: 9780857088116).

As Denise, a Chichester-based nutritional therapist, says, it’s easy enough to just survive, but there is so much more we could achieve if we only had a bit more vitality.

“What if we could enhance our energy levels to achieve a life we truly love and thrive in?”

The trouble is that people are busy: “The problem is the effort, people think. But when they realise how very easy it is to get yourself back on track, how much better we would all feel if we just made a start, they would do it.

“The palate changes. The better you eat, the better you feel and your palate tends to start craving better things. It is all about making the first step.

“If you can sustain it for a few days, then suddenly you will start feeling amazing. And if you have got more energy, then you are more alert, you feel brighter… and all in as little as maybe three or four days.”

It is all down to the old truth that we are what we eat.

“Everything from skin to hair… I think you can really tell, just by looking, someone who east well.

“And I am certainly not talking about being perfect. I love prosecco and I love wine, but it is all about reining it back and balancing things constantly. If you keep the balance, then, yes, you can have the naughty things and you can have fun. But if you just tip the seesaw the other way, then you will get into health issues. And I am all about preventative health.”

It’s about everything: “Mindset and what you eat are different but the same. It is about taking a positive attitude, about eating well, about exercise, about doing yoga, about doing weights – about lots of things. It is a huge combination.

“But I try to break it down and start slowly.

“If you start with one extra glass of water a day for five days, one more vegetable a day for five days, then you have begun.

“I would much rather people start slowly and see the results slowly than just chuck everything out of the fridge and change everything because that is not sustainable.

“It is a gradual re-education, about starting to understand what happens to your body when you get it right.”

Denise is delighted with the feedback so far: “I had health struggles myself in my 30s. I am just super honest about everything.

“The first couple of chapters are almost like an autobiography. I wanted to give people an idea of how I got into it.

“I am not coming to it from a place where I went to study it and then now I am practising it.

“I got into it because I was ill, and I think once you start telling your own story, then people can really relate to it.”

As for the pandemic, Denise feels it has polarised people. There have been plenty of people who have really started to take care of their health, really thinking about the consequences of what they eat, people who have started exercising more.

“But there have also been lots of people who have put on weight, who are drinking more alcohol, who have lost their motivation, people who have gone the other way.

“I am trying to rein people back and show them that there is a middle ground.”