Dogs Trust in Sussex looking to find new homes for these 11 lovely dogs

From loveable Lurchers to adorable Alsatians there is a wide range of dogs available

Sunday, 8th August 2021, 7:00 am
Biggles is an energetic two-year-old with tonnes of character

Could you offer a new home to one of these adorable dogs?

If so, The Dogs Trust in Shoreham would like to hear from you. Call 0303 003 0000 for more information.

Charlie is a small friendly, seven-year-old Terrier cross with a huge personality.
Buster is a friendly six-year-old German Shepherd/Alsatian cross Fox Hound
Dom is a young Lurcher who is full of beans
Gypsy is a four-year-old Staffie cross Boxer with a big heart and sensitive soul
Kelly is an adorable three-year-old German Shepherd/Alsatian
Max is the brother of Buster and is adorable
Molly is a sweet, seven-year-old Yorkshire Terrier cross with a sensitive nature.
Tula is a bright, young Lurcher with a highly-active nature.
Wren is an adorable Dachshund, aged four.
Zara is a young Borzoi with a sweet but sensitive nature