These are the UK's favourite Christmas time chocolates ranked - do you agree?

Chocolate is a firm favourite during the festive season, with family and friends delving into large tubs of their favourite sweet treats at Christmas.

Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 12:56 pm

But everyone has their own opinion on which sweeties are the best. Sweet Digital asked the nation to name their favourite Christmas chocolates and these were the results - ranked from best to worst.

The classic Dairy Milk was ranked in the top (or ‘God’) tier of the nation’s favourite festive favourites.
The iconic strawberry flavoured chocolate also proved popular.
Roses’ hazel chocolate also ranked in the highest tier.
The golden barrel has been around for some time and is one of the nation’s favourite at Christmas.
The Malteser chocolate is usually a Christmas sweet treat that people try to get their hands on first when handing round the tin, and also ranks in the top tier.
The humble Eclair has ranked in the middle tier - or the survey’s ‘Meh’ tier.
The mini Mars Bar chocolate ranked as a festive chocolate that some like, while others don’t favour it as their first choice.
The Twix also ranks in the middle tier.
Galaxy ranks in the middle tier, with some people loving it and some not ranking it as their favourite.
The Purple One also ranks in the middle tier of favourite Christmas chocolates.
The Dinky Decker ranked in the survey’s ‘why bother?’ tier, proving to not be as popular as other Christmas chocs.
The Milky Way chocolate also ranked in the bottom tier.
Cadbury’s Fudge chocolate also proved to be less popular than other festive chocolates.
The caramel swirl proved less popular than some of the other Quality Street festive chocolates.
With coconut not always a favourite among chocolate lovers, the coconut eclair ranks in the bottom tier of the nation’s favourite festive sweet treats.