Can you spot any familiar St Mary’s faces?

Children from St Mary's School, Worthing, in the mid-1930s
Children from St Mary's School, Worthing, in the mid-1930s

This photo shows children from St Mary’s School, in Cobden Road, Worthing, in the mid-1930s.

The photo was sent in by Bert Kent, of Centrecourt Road, Worthing, who is pictured on the far right of the back row.

Bert said: “I don’t know what year it is, but by my date of birth, I would think it is the mid-1930s.”

The names which Bert could remember were:

n Brother and sister Churcher, fourth from left, third row, and centre, front row.

n Tony Wright, fourth from left, back row.

n Francis Canon, centre, back row.

n Betty Streeter, third from right, front row.

n Ursula Trusler, far left, second row.

n Eileen Skinner, second from left, front row.

n Leslie Winfield, centre, third row.

Bert said: “I remember some other names but can’t put a face to them. Most of them in this photo have probably passed on.”

Bert also noted the railing, in the background, from Victoria Park, which was removed during the war to make weapons.

He added: “We used to use Victoria Park for sport periods, and us boys did manage to have one game of cricket before Victoria Park was turned into allotments to grow food – all part of the war effort.

“I wonder how many in this photo are still around?”

Do you recognise any familiar faces in the photo?

If you do, please get in touch.

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