Royal pictures by noted Victorian photographer who lived in Southwick

Last month, an article in the Shoreham Herald, of December 26, detailed Andy Ramus’ discovery that a well-known 19th-century photographer once lived in Southwick.

Thursday, 30th January 2014, 12:00 pm
JJE Mayalls carte de visite of Queen Victoria
JJE Mayalls carte de visite of Queen Victoria

Andy, a carpenter, was converting the loft of a house in Southdown Road, Southwick, when he discovered a pamphlet, from 1875, which revealed John Jabez Edwin Mayall’s involvement in saving Shoreham Harbour. Andy’s research also revealed that JJE Mayall, who had premises in London and Brighton, was once commissioned by Queen Victoria to take family portraits.

Laurie Keen, of Hangleton Road, Hove, sent in the photo below, by JJE Mayall, from his collection of cartes de visite and cabinet pictures.

Laurie said: “This is his tinted CDV of Victoria, with its reverse, which is stamped ‘Photographed from life, by Mayall, 224 Regent St, London’.”

A cabinet photo of a family, by JJE Mayall

Laurie also sent in the cabinet photo, to the right, by JJE Mayall, which bears the Royal Appointment arms.

Laurie added: “He was quick to add the Royal Appointment arms to his work as in the cabinet photo.

“A date of 1887 has been written on the reverse, probably by the family portrayed.

“As you can see, early Brighton photographs made a big thing out of using the new invention of electricity, which was first commercially used in Brighton in 1882 and, in general, available in 1884/85.”

Stamp on the back of the carte de visite of Queen Victoria

JJE Mayall served as mayor of Brighton in 1877/78, and also lived in Storks Nest, Lancing, with his second wife, Celia Hooper.

He was living in Southwick at the time of his death in 1901, aged 88, and is buried next to his first wife, Eliza, in Lancing.

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The reverse of the cabinet photo
John Jabez Edwin Mayall
JJE Mayalls former home in Southdown Road, Southwick