Spectactular re-enactment of great fire

Shoreham College re-enacts the Great Fire of London
Shoreham College re-enacts the Great Fire of London

Children were quite happy to see their hard work go up in flames for a re-enactment of the Great Fire of London.

The year-two pupils at Shoreham College gathered behind a safety barrier to watch the demonstration and sang London’s Burning at the top of their voices as the fire quickly spread.

It was all part of their project studying the 1666 disaster, when flames swept through parts of London after a fire started in a bakery in Pudding Lane.

The children were able to discover where, why and how the fire started and they learned all about Samuel Pepys, who wrote about the fire in his diaries.

All the children were able to build their own 3D model of a typical house from 1666, so that Pudding Lane could be recreated in their classroom.

The models were all taken outside for the re-enactment, a spectacular demonstration which showed the children how quickly fire can spread.

The children were joined by head teacher Richard Taylor-West for the demonstration and the teachers said they were in awe as they saw their models go up in flames.