Space Day at Southwick school is out of this world

Space Day at Glebe Primary School, Southwick. Picture: Steve Robards SR1911344
Space Day at Glebe Primary School, Southwick. Picture: Steve Robards SR1911344

Dressing up as aliens and astronauts helped year-one children at Glebe Primary School in Southwick to focus on their space topic.

Pupils appeared as characters from outer space and zoomed into their classrooms last Wednesday, sharing stories about space as soon as the day blasted off.

Picture: Steve Robards SR1911287

Picture: Steve Robards SR1911287

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The Space Day was part of the teachers’ secret mission to engage the children in their writing and, thanks to the efforts of parents, the children were bursting to tell everyone about their amazing costumes.

Teacher Lainey O’Connor said: “The day was so full of creative talk, I am sure when it comes to writing about the planets, their ideas will be out of this world.”

Year five also took part in Space Day, which began with the children formulating questions to research.

Astrophysicist Jarvis Brand, from the Science Observatory at Herstmonceux, dropped by to help and was able to answer virtually every question.

The best question of the day was ‘how big is the universe?’.

Jarvis said: “The answer is that we don’t know, yet.”

He explained we only know about observable space and added the best questions were ones we do not know the answers to, because that keep us enquiring and wanting to know more.

Teacher Pauline Davies said: “What an amazing, thought-provoking day we have had. The children have been so engaged in their learning, it has been wonderful to watch.

“Just listening to all the answers to their brilliant questions has been so interesting. It has certainly been a fantastic launch to our new topic.”

Pupils from years one and five were able to visit the mobile planetarium, where Jarvis took them on a magical adventure through the night sky.

Pupil Sofiane Benhamza said: “Space Day has been just great. I loved it, especially the planaterium. It was so cool,travelling beyond our solar system and back, all before home time. You can’t get much better than that.”