GCSE results: Bohunt School in Worthing celebrates its first-ever exam successes

Yin Yin Ling, 16, and her sister Phoebe, 23, from Littlehampton Road, Worthing
Yin Yin Ling, 16, and her sister Phoebe, 23, from Littlehampton Road, Worthing

Bohunt School in Broadwater has celebrated its first-ever GCSE results.

At 9am this morning, the school in Broadwater Road was thronging with nervous pupils keen to find out if their hard work had paid off at the school's first results day since opening in 2015.

Cydney Hall, 16, from St Thomas's Road, Worthing

Cydney Hall, 16, from St Thomas's Road, Worthing

Among the success stories was the school's top performer Issy Walker, who got eight grade 9s - the equivalent of an A* - one grade 8 and one grade 7.

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The 16-year-old from Southfield Road, Worthing, said: "I'm quite surprised and really happy. I wasn't expecting them to be that good, but I did put work in for them and it obviously paid off."

She will be celebrating with a lunch out at Terre A Terre in Brighton with her parents, and will be going on to study chemistry, maths and physics at BHASVIC with a view to becoming an engineer.

"There is a big deficit in the number of engineers at the moment so it is a good field to get into," she said.

Cara Brown, 16, from Amelia Crescent, Worthing

Cara Brown, 16, from Amelia Crescent, Worthing

Close on her heels was Yin Yin Ling, who got seven grade 9s and three grade 8s. The 16-year-old from Littlehampton Road, Worthing, said: "I was just really shocked, because I thought my exams went really badly."

She praised her teachers, 'especially her English teachers', who helped her through a tough time. She said: "A week before the exams I had a breakdown; I thought I couldn't reach my targets and they really helped me. They were there for me any time."

Yin Yin said she would be toasting her results over an English breakfast.

Her sister Phoebe, 23, was there for moral support. She said: "I was actually in tears when she found out; I am so happy for her. My sister is a really hard-working person."

Issy Walker, 16, from Southfield Road, Worthing

Issy Walker, 16, from Southfield Road, Worthing

Alex Miller, 16, from Haynes Road, Worthing, was beaming after getting seven grade 9s, a grade 8, a grade 7 and a grade 5.

He said: "Mandarin was my biggest surprise. I thought I would get a 5 and I got an 8, so I'm still in shock about that.

"I haven't even told my parents yet; I need to give them a phone call. I think they will be really happy. I hope they are."

His advice to students? "You have to work for it; if you work hard, it will pay off."

Alex Miller, 16, from Haynes Road, Worthing

Alex Miller, 16, from Haynes Road, Worthing

Other top performers were Dylan Jackson, Jacob Tupper, Gabriella Noyce, Heidi Cameron, Nancy Vincent, Cydney Hall and Kieran Le Manquais who all achieved 8 or more GCSEs at grades 9 to 7.

Bohunt School opened in September 2015 with just a year 7 and 8 intake of 180 students. It has since grown to include years 7-11 and 830 students. The school moved from temporary accommodation into state of the art, purpose-built facilities in September 2016.

It had its first Ofsted inspection last September. It was judged outstanding for its pastoral care and good in all other areas.

Adam Whitehead, Headteacher at Bohunt School Worthing, expressed his pride at both staff and students for their achievements.

"What is true for us is that these are our best-ever results, and they will be for the year," he joked.

"Everyone has much to celebrate and students have got the grades they needed to go on to sixth-forms and colleges and the careers they want."

The school is part of the Bohunt Education Trust, in charge of seven academies across the area, which made sure students were on course to achieve the results they were predicted throughout their time at the school.

Neil Strowger, chief executive of Bohunt Education Trust, said: “These results mark another significant step in the development of Bohunt School Worthing.

"At Bohunt Education Trust, we are committed to ensuring the achievement of every student, and we are delighted that Bohunt School Worthing’s first ever Year 11 students and the staff have received the excellent results that they so richly deserve.”

Here is the breakdown of results from Bohunt:

-Overall, 73% of students at the school achieved a grade 4 or better in English and in Maths, a 4 is the grade set by the Government as a “pass”.

-46% of students achieved even more highly gaining a grade 5 or higher in both subjects which is better than the national average for last year.

-83% of students achieved at least a grade 4 in English, 77% in maths and 63% of students achieved a grade 5 or higher in English and 54% in maths – a grade 5 is defined by the Government as a “strong pass”.

-21% of all grades the students achieved were grade 7 or higher.

-72% of students gained at least 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or better.

-Art, separate sciences, interactive media and Mandarin all performed well with over 40% of students gaining a grade 7 or better in each of these subjects.