Banners outside West Sussex schools to highlight funding crisis

Save our Schools West Sussex banner
Save our Schools West Sussex banner

Banners are appearing outside schools across West Sussex today to raise awareness about a funding crisis they face.

Save our Schools West Sussex has joined forces with other parent groups nationwide to highlight that the crisis is ongoing.

The group claims that since 2015 around £60million has been cut from school budgets in total across the county and suggested increased funding, recently announced by the Government is ‘too little, too late’.

Sarah Maynard, from Save our Schools West Sussex, said: “The Government’s recent announcement on future school funding doesn’t address the desperate situation many of our schools find themselves in today.

“Our children’s education matters now, not just next year or the year after and we don’t believe enough is being done to restore school budgets and turnaround the funding crisis that has taken hold in so many of our local schools.”

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