Shoreham residents’ fury over Barclays’ plan to scrap post office cash withdrawals

The chairman of a Shoreham residents’ association has accused Barclays of treating its customers with ‘contempt’ amid plans to scrap free cash withdrawals from post offices.

Last Tuesday (October 8), the bank announced it would be stopping free cash withdrawals at post offices from January 2020.

Joss Loader

Joss Loader

Shoreham Beach’s Ferry Road post office will be affected and the chairman of Shoreham Beach Residents’ Association, Joss Loader, has accused the bank of discriminating against residents who do not drive, have mobility issues or cannot easily get to banking facilities.

“Barclays appears to be treating some of its customers with contempt,” she said.

“Not content with closing branches in Shoreham, Lancing and Steyning, it is now making it increasingly difficult for residents to withdraw their own cash from convenient locations near their homes.

“The post office in Ferry Road is the only location on the main Beach area where people can withdraw cash free of charge. It’s a great community facility, run by hard-working and committed staff, and needs to be supported - not stripped of its services.”

Mrs Loader added she would be moving her account from Barclays after 37 years in response to the ‘virtually non-existent’ customer service.

A spokesman from the bank said it would be writing to all customers who use the post office to ensure they can continue to withdraw cash in a convenient way.

Alternatives include the new Barclays cash-back scheme, which allows customers to withdraw cash at businesses in areas where there is no branch or ATM alternative within 1km.

The scheme will launch in over 200 locations from January 2020, but it is unclear if Shoreham will be included.

The spokesman added new ATMs will be introduced and pointed to a cheque cashing service in some post offices.

Shoreham’s High Street Barclays branch was closed in November 2017 after the bank reported only 123 customers still regularly used the branch exclusively for banking.