In pictures: The i360 tower in Brighton reopens after lockdown

Staff at Brighton's British Airways i360 viewing tower were thrilled to welcome visitors back on Monday.

Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 4:41 pm
Visitors take flight on Brighton's i360 as it reopens

After being closed for four-and-a-half months, there was plenty of excitement as the moving observation pod was able to transport visitors up to 450 feet once again.

British Airways i360 chief operating officer, Ian Hart described it as a 'fantastic day' and said the team had been really excited to welcome people back.

He added: "It's a great opportunity to really see the city again, to look down and see the city, the seascape and see over to the Downs."

A birthday treat as the first day the i360 was able to reopen after the latest lockdown

Mr Hart said the capacity had been reduced from 200 to 100, there are zones on the floor of the pod to ensure people keep to social distancing guidelines and all guests have their temperature taken before boarding. The pod is also rigorously cleaned after each flight.

"We've put all the processes in place to make sure our visitors have the best time, the safest time and the same for our staff," said Mr Hart. "We're just so happy to be open and look forward to seeing everyone."

Day-trippers, local residents and even psychic Sally Morgan were among the first people to enjoy a flight on the i360 as the pictures below show.

To book tickets and find out more, visit: Brighton's Best Views - British Airways i360 : British Airways i360Our weekly Brighton and Hove newspaper, The Brighton Indy, is coming back this week!

The staff were so excited to welcome visitors back onboard the i360 pod
Pyschic Sally Morgan was among the first visitors back onboard the British Airways i360 in Brighton on Monday
A great day out for families to see the sights of Brighton and over to the Downs
The British Airways i360 chief operating officer, Ian Hart, said it was a 'fantastic' day and the team was looking forward to welcoming visitors back
Some views through the glass as the pod moves up to 450 feet
The view towards Shoreham from the pod on Monday
Looking down on Brighton beach with the Palace Pier in view
Back in action. The British Airways i360 with the pod almost at the top as it reopened on Monday, May 17