South of England Show 2017 at Ardingly West Sussex.Sebastian Stevens (3) SUS-180525-150454001

Magic of countryside is showcased

Thousands of visitors are in for an unforgettable experience, combining spine tingling entertainment with the best in countryside living, as the gates burst open for three fun-packed days at the 2018 South of England Show in Ardingly, on Thursday, June 7 until Saturday, June 9.

Oldland Mill at Keymer (Mid Sussex) 26.02.16. Opening it's doors again at the start of April. Pic Steve Robards SR1606372 SUS-160226-100659001

Windmills are open for business

Windmills are synonymous with rustic charm, country idylls and romantic, nostalgic notions of family and home.

Caractacus Potts lived in charming chaos in a windmill in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Jonathan Creek’s is a house of magic.

There are people, now of a certain age, who remember Windy Miller, of Camblewick Green in Trumptonshire.

Cervantes’ Dox Quixote tilted at windmills and a little mouse with clogs on went clip, clippity clop on the stairs of a windmill in Old Amsterdam.

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