FILM: McCullin (15)

Over the decades, the ethos of journalism has changed and in the modern age, writers and editors in print, broadcasting and online are under the constant scrutiny for their decisions.

Wednesday, 9th January 2013, 4:00 pm

Photojournalist Don McCullin began his illustrious career with The Sunday Times in 1969 and for the next 15 years he covered conflicts and humanitarian disasters on virtually every continent, providing snapshots of suffering and endurance that defined these moments in history.

McCullin covered the war in Vietnam, detailed the plight of the homeless in swinging London and witnessed firsthand the horrors of the manmade famine in Biafra.

Documentary film-makers Jacqui and David Morris meet the man cited as the greatest living war photographer to talk candidly about his career and the disturbing events he witnessed through his lens.

Released: January 1 (UK, selected cinemas), 95 mins