Chichester: Sean BW Parker and Ettuspadix combine for new album

Chichester-based writer and musician Sean BW Parker launches his new album, a collaboration with a fellow musician he has yet to meet.

Wednesday, 15th April 2015, 10:15 am

The album Ninja Lit sees Sean team up with Ettuspadix who lives in Birdham – “though I don’t know him yet,” Sean says. “We have done it all remotely. We have been trying to meet, but it hasn’t happened yet!

“What Ettus does is electronic, experimental soundscapes, and I have combined it with my Istanbul character Anthony H Wolfstadt I have created.”

Sean came up with Wolfstadt during his years living in Istanbul. Sean speaks his Wolfstadt stories over the soundscape.


As he says, Wolfstadt is a nasty piece of work: “I knew of a few people like that in Istanbul, ex-pats who are trying to get used to post-colonial ex-pat-ism. He is not a likeable character. He is mostly an alcoholic. He abuses the locals. He is like some Olivier-style scumbag. He is posh, but he has found he doesn’t know his place any more.

“But he knows he can still abuse the locals. There were a handful of people out there that I was aware of like that, aware of, but didn’t know. I didn’t get close to them!

“The album is a bit sweary. It’s a bit edgy for Chichester. There are 11 songs on it. It explores his progress through his criticisms of the place and what he gets up to. He sees something in the news, and he just goes on about it.”

Sean is pleased with the response to the album so far: “Other people have been very positive about it. It is so unusual for what I do.

“There are no guitars on it, but I think it works because of the old-school-ness of Anthony, compounded by this very post-modern music, funky rhythms behind it.

“It has got that kind of feeling.

“The first half is a bit more pop, but the second half is very washy, like the albums that Eno did in Berlin with Bowie. It has been seen as very dark, but personally I don’t see it that way.”

Sean admits it’s weird that he hasn’t yet met Ettus AKA Spike. But it doesn’t seem to matter at this stage.

“It’s interesting. It’s strange. But it works. He is a professional musician. I would love to meet him. I am sure we will one day.”

The album is available from Amazon and other digital download outlets, Sean said.

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