Chichester gig as Jawbone offer new album

Jawbone play Chichester's Chichester Inn on Saturday, September 15 at 8.30pm (doors 8pm) with their debut album released in November.

Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 4:48 pm
Marcus Bonfanti - pic Neil Holmes (Custom)
Marcus Bonfanti - pic Neil Holmes (Custom)

Individually, Jawbone members are seasoned musicians who have worked with a host of big-name artists. Together they are Marcus Bonfanti, Paddy Milner, Rex Horan and Evan Jenkins, promising something somewhere between the southern drawl of Little Feat and the classic London blues of The Stones.

Front-men Marcus and Paddy share lead vocal duties with harmonies from Rex and Evan: “Me and Paddy have been friends for a long time,” says Marcus, “working together with various people but we always toyed with the idea of putting something together, just the two of us. We started writing songs three years ago, maybe four years ago, and once we had got enough traction with the songs, we decided to ask Rex and Evan to come along..

“It’s tough naming a band. There are always names that three people in the band like but one person doesn’t, or you just find that there are other bands out there with that name, but we liked this one. Jawbone felt right, and Paddy was also saying that to jawbone someone means to try to persuade them and so that felt right as well.

“It’s a great collaboration. That’s what I love about it most. When we were rehearsing, everybody had a fantastic time. I really enjoyed the rehearsal process. It was one of the most creative that I have ever experienced. And a lot of people can see the influences coming in of the various people, things like Little Feat and The Band.

“I love the song-writing of people like Tom Waits, people that lyrically go somewhere interesting and steer away from the clichés. I wanted us to be thinking and writing about things that have not already been done and that means we have certainly come up with some interesting song subjects on the record. There is one song called Sit Round The Table. It’s a song about when me and Paddy first met, back in 2008. I was living in this place, and there was a big kitchen table there, and it was one of those places where there were always more people there than were actually living there, and it was great. This table was like the epicentre. I think of all the big plans that were hatched around that table, all the great conversations. Everything centred around that table!

“And there is another song called Big Old Smoke which is a song about London, the pros and the cons. It takes the mickey out of some of the things that London thinks it is so great about. It thinks it is the city that never sleeps, but when you are in the centre of London, you try getting a drink after 11pm! There is another song called Rolling On The Underground which is a song about the underground, and we have put in some quite clever plays on words between the stations.” 01243 783185