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In response to Mr Stevens’ comments about the Adur skate park (letters, July 17), he is clearly unaware of the considerable work that is going on to ensure the safety of young people using this excellent facility.

I would like to point out the following:

This facility, originally funded by external funds and not from the local council taxes, is well used. By attracting young people into more socially acceptable activities, it supports key objectives of the council, namely to improve the health of the community, and also to provide diversionary activities for young people as an alternative to less acceptable behaviour.

The location was chosen as it provided natural surveillance from passers-by to discourage unacceptable behaviour

The skate park provides ‘free’ physical exercise to a large number of young people at a time when much is said about the lethargy of many leading to obesity.

Inevitably, other, perhaps slightly older young people, will gather at the site, who are not using the facility to skate but to socialise. This is fine, but they are expected to behave sensibly when on, or going to and from, the skate park.

This excellent site has been used to run and promote national standard skateboard events, and the organising body who regularly use the facility does a great job of teaching young people how to use the boards safely as well as maintaining a good level of discipline.

In response to a small number of anti-social behaviour incidents reported at other times, police have been paying increased attention to the skate park.

Far from anti-social behaviour being supported by police and council, addressing this sort of behaviour in all its guises, and wherever it occurs across the district, remains one of the key priorities of the Adur and Worthing Safer Communities Partnership.

A Local Action Team (LAT) has been formed to monitor the use of the site in Ham Road and take whatever additional action is required to ensure users can do so safely and without interference from outside elements.

In order to ensure the safety of young people using the park, the CCTV camera on the roof of the Civic Centre is once again in full operation and the trees obscuring its view have been trimmed back.

This skate park is undoubtedly a success story, and it is up to all of us to ensure that it remains a valuable facility open to all into the future.

David Simmons

chairman Adur and Worthing Safer Communities Partnership

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