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Reference Barry Mishon’s letter (‘Actions admired’, Herald, July 24), inferring that only councillor Mendoza’s action could get an evening and Sunday bus service for Shoreham Beach.

Clearly Mr Mendoza’s fan club. The Beach ward has two very active councillors in myself and Ben Stride.

Back in 2003, when still chairman of Adur District Council, I met with the chief executive of Compass bus to see if we could have a late evening bus, even a 10pm or 10.30pm bus, and also if people with bus passes could use them on the 9.25am bus, as it was invariably 9.28am on arrival. The answer was no in every case, as it was deemed uneconomical for the former and against the rules for the latter.

Later, when the Sussex Wharf estate was completed and I found that the 106 agreement amounted to some £350,000 set aside for education and transport, I raised the question again, with negative results.

The research showed that very few buses, on numerous occasions none, had sufficient passengers to make it economical to be subsidised.

I have to admit that when the county ran buses during the building of the bridge, some evenings and on Sundays, they were invariably empty, according to the drivers.

I am willing to have a go again, Mr Mishon, but like the bus service that was finally subsidised elsewhere in the district and then withdrawn for lack of use, the operative words would remain ‘use it or lose it’.

Liza McKinney

Marine Ward councillor

Old Fort Road

Shoreham Beach

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