'Silent' high-speed UFOs seen over Shoreham?

MYSTERIOUS wingless objects, which appeared to be travelling at high speed, have been spotted in the sky over Shoreham.

Nick Middleton saw what initially appeared to be a flock of birds flying south down The Drive, Shoreham, at 2.30pm on Sunday, March 1.

However, when he looked more carefully he realised the six to 10 objects he saw were anything but birds.

Mr Middleton said: "Normally you can see the odd wing flap etc.

"I could not make out any form of wings such as a plane shape or even a helicopter.

"I then noticed some disappeared perhaps due to cloud as some reappeared.

"In the space of about a minute they were probably over the Worthing area.

"I say this as I can only guess that they were further away in the direction of Lancing College.


"We are talking 10 miles in the space of about one minute. That's about 600 mph.

"Considering there was no noise I still find this hard to believe.

"Also if it were, let's say 100 miles an hour, would helicopters travel in such close proximity? I think not.

"Neither can be said for planes etc.

"Perhaps there was an air show on. Maybe I have got bad hearing and eyesight, but something does not add up."

Did you see anything strange in the sky on Sunday?

Can you explain the mysterious objects Mr Middleton saw?

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