Shoreham Airport deal signed

Jonathan Candelon, managing director of Brighton City Airport
Jonathan Candelon, managing director of Brighton City Airport

AIRSIDE operations at Shoreham Airport are set to grow and positive changes are being made to safeguard its future.

Brighton City Airport made the announcement to mark today’s signing of a new contract with Albemarle Shoreham Airport Limited (ASAL).

The deal means Brighton City Airport will be responsible for full-time operations at Shoreham Airport for the next 30 years

In the meantime, ASAL is taking care of the long-awaited refurbishment of the terminal building. The company has today stated its intention to finance the costs and complete the work.

ASAL has scaffolding in place, ready to start the refurbishment process, and work is due to commence shortly, the company said.

Jonathan Candelon, managing director of Brighton City Airport, said his company had been managing airside operations since August 2013 and the conclusion of successful negotiations with ASAL meant that would continue.

This secured the airport as an asset for the community, which had always been uppermost in the minds of the management team, he added, and they remained committed to securing the sustainable and profitable future of the airport

Tony Realff, joint owner of Brighton City Airport, said: “We are delighted that negotiations with ASAL have concluded in a positive way and we can get on with the important business of running the airport.”

With revenue and aircraft movements up in the last year, the management team is positive about the future for Shoreham Airport, one of the busiest in the UK in terms of movements, including take offs and landings.

Mr Candelon said: “We work closely with the airport users and we have implemented numerous, positive changes to improve efficiency and safeguard the future of the airport.

“We look forward to further increasing airport movements and profitability at the airport, to protect this important asset for the users, tenants, owners and the local community.”

James Latham, senior air traffic control officer, said it was an exciting time for all concerned with the airport.

“The willingness and dedication shown by the Brighton City Airport management team shows that they have the airport’s best interests at heart and ensures that the long-term future of one of the country’s busiest and most historic airports is secured,” he added.

Brighton City Airport has invested in systems, software and hardware at the airport.

Paul Smith, ground operation manager, said: “We recognise and are proud that we are the oldest licensed aerodrome in the country.

“We are now busy planning to secure the immediate and long-term future for all aviation enthusiasts, be they business or pleasure.”