VIDEO: Trees come down in Shoreham

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THREE large trees in Pond Road have had to come down this afternoon, as high winds threatened to bring them down.

A passer-by alerted Shoreham Centre manager Dave Frost around lunchtime today, when he saw the soil ‘moving’, saying he thought one tree looked about to fall.

Police and firefighters were quickly on scene to close the road and Adur Council’s parks team arrived about 20 minutes later to begin the process of taking the first tree down.

As work began, they quickly realised a second tree was about to go and the remaining one would be too vulnerable on its own, so all three had to be taken down.

Chef Duncan Workman witnessed the scene from the Shoreham Centre café. He said it was good the team had managed to save the flint wall around the centre as the trees came down.

“Someone saw the soil wobbling and I managed to take some video footage as the trees came down,” he added.

Mr Frost said people had described the trees as ‘breathing’ as they fell and bounced up and down.

He said it was a sad sight to see such large trees go, especially as the centre was due to lose other trees along its frontage for the extension works, but it was better to be safe.




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