VIDEO: Southlands’ history buried

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THE Shoreham Herald has gone down in history, literally, with the burying of a time capsule.

A copy of last week’s edition was among documents placed under the green at Crest Nicholson’s Orchard Gate development in Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham.

Malcolm Brett, chairman of Southlands League of Friends, wanted the history of the former workhouse and hospital site to be recorded and started the time capsule idea.

He placed in it a copy of the book Southlands Workhouse and Hospital, written by the Rev John White in 1990 and completed by Pat Marshall after he died.

“I thought it was the proper thing to do,” explained Mr Brett. “They are going to put the site plans in as well. It will be nice to have them there as it gives a complete history of the site.

“This area is a significant part of Shoreham history. The gatehouse dates back to 1901 and there are still parts of the old refectory, too. They have done a wonderful restoration of that.”

The central section of the old refectory had to be replaced, but Crest Nicholson copied the external features so the finished building looks similar.

Adur Council chairman Mike Menoza joined Mr Brett at the ceremony on Tuesday. He was the first to take up residence at Orchard Gate, exactly three years ago.

As well as the Shoreham Herald, a history of Seaside Hospital Radio, which was based at the site for 40 years, was put into the capsule.

Part of the workhouse buildings still standing used to be a ward where tramps were housed.

Mr Brett said: “We have lost so much of our history over the years, it is important to understand what went on here.

“There has been a lot of sadness and unhappiness on the site and hopefully, Crest Nicholson has brought a happy end for it.”




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