VIDEO: Restaurant feeds Chinese learning

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A MINI Chinese restaurant was set up at Glebe Primary School in Southwick, to help the reception children learn about Chinese new year.

Pupils aged four and five made pretend noodles using strands of wool and laid tables using bamboo place mats, before ‘tucking in’ using chopsticks.

The restaurant was part of a two-week project, which included making a Chinese dragon out of cardboard and coloured paper, practising Chinese music and dance, and tasting some real Chinese noodles.

Sofia Batterbee, five, said she had liked the noodles as they were very tasty.

The project was due to culminate in a big parade around the playground, in Church Lane, last Wednesday but heavy rain meant the parade had to be cancelled.

A much smaller parade was held in the reception corridor instead, led by five-year-old Riley King carrying one of the red Chinese lanterns they had made.

He was followed by five-year-old Lavinia Ikladios, wearing the head of the Chinese dragon.

Some of the other children lined up behind and paraded while banging a range of instruments.




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