VIDEO: residents react to flooding in Shoreham

Waiting for Video...

Last night the banks of the River Adur burst, flooding homes and businesses.

A spokesperson from Shoreham Airport said: “The tidal walls were breached and damaged in last night’s storm surge causing extensive flooding across the airfield. Many of the businesses at the airport have been affected and there is substantial damage to the tidal walls.

“The airport management team is working closely with the Environment Agency, the councils and the businesses at the airport to secure the flood defences and recover the airfield and businesses.

“The operational airport will remain closed until the defences are secure.”

Tim Leigh, 49, club secretary at Sussex Yacht Club on Brighton Road, said: “At 1am there was a little water, the tiniest amount and we all hoped the tide would turn quickly and it would go away but after 30 minutes it was surging in.

“We had nine inches one side and 15 the other, it came straight through the brick work it was so high.

“Downstairs carpets are ruined, the lower walls, the stock rooms still have water in them and I expect it all to flood again later today.”




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