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TWO Shoreham pupils have been praised for their fundraising efforts, helping people with brain tumours and other cancers.

Cameron Davis, who is 11 today, and friend Fynn Lightbown, 11, decided to do something after Cameron’s granddad, Peter Netley, was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

The year-six Swiss Gardens Primary School pupils did a sponsored head shave back in November and, on Monday, presented the money they raised to two charities.

Brian Gubbin, chairman of the League of Friends at Hurstwood Park Neurosciences Centre in Haywards Heath, and Mary Bye, community fundraising admin assistant at St Barnabas House hospice in Worthing, were each presented with £158 during the key stage two assembly.

Cameron said he had known several family members who had died from cancer, then he found out his granddad, who also lives in Shoreham, had the disease.

“When I heard, I just didn’t know what to do,” he said. “It is quite horrible to find out. I was just sitting in my room thinking about it.”

His mum, Sheridan Netley, said: “Hurstwood was fantastic and operated on my dad very quickly, you cannot thank them enough.

“My dad is blown away by what the boys did, and never expected to raise that amount of money.”

She said her father was currently being treated at Hurstwood Park and Brighton General Hospital.

Cameron added: “I have known other people who have had help at St Barnabas, so I wanted to help them as well.”

Head teacher Lawrence Caughlin revealed during the assembly that he was one of Hurstwood’s success stories, having made a full recovery from a brain tumour.

He said he was running a school trip at Truleigh Hill Youth Hostel 13½ years ago when he was taken ill.

“It turned out I had a tumour at the front of my brain and Hurstwood Park sorted me out, so I am extremely grateful to them,” he added.

Although he can’t see in his left eye, he has otherwise made a full recovery, he told the children, adding that he still went to the centre for annual check-ups.

“I am personally extremely grateful for all the work that they do,” he said.

“St Barnabas is also an amazing place that does fantastic work.”




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