Photographic society is all set to expand

Adur Photographic Society holds its annual exhibition on Saturday

Adur Photographic Society holds its annual exhibition on Saturday

ADUR Photographic Society is looking to expand membership following a successful first year.

The group was set up in July 2013 to offer something different to conventional camera clubs, including instruction in how to use equipment for the best results.

Membership was limited to 50 at first, but with a new, larger venue, the club can now accept more.

The annual exhibition will be combined with a membership drive at the Holmbush Shopping Centre on Saturday, 8.30am to 4pm.

On display will be an extensive range of photographs and there will be the chance to chat to members about how to achieve similar results, as well as the chance to find out about the forthcoming programme.

The new season starts on September 9, in the Garden Room at Southwick Community Centre at 7.30pm.

Meetings are fortnightly, including in-house tutorials mixed with hands-on guidance and field craft.

Contact vice-chairman Dennis Hunt on 07817 727095 for more information about the club.




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