GALLERY: Readers’ pictures – January 2014

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THIS month’s selection of readers pictures has a bit of a weather theme, from storms to glorious blue skies.

Our new monthly online gallery features 18 pictures sent into the Shoreham Herald and Steyning Herald during January 2014.

Some of the photographs have been used on the letters pages, in the Focus On You section.

Send in your photos for the February gallery to letters@shorehamherald.co.uk. Don’t forget to include your name and address and a little information on the photograph.

Malcolm Bull spotted the ‘sorrowful sight of dumped furniture’ by the roadside on a stunning morning up on Mill Hill, Shoreham.

Mrs Valerie Salter took a photo of a blackbird in her garden in Southdown Road, Shoreham, on January 7.

“What a difference five minutes makes!” said Anne Nehammer, of Buckingham Road, Shoreham. She took two pictures of a pollarded tree in Windlesham Road, Shoreham, on Friday, January 17, at 8.45am and 8.50am. “Black sky before the rain and then a shaft of sunlight, which made the tree look on fire,” she added. “Then a few minutes later, back to normal.”

David Tarr, of North Street, Shoreham, said: “Some people can be so inconsiderate, propping their bikes against the new addition to Coronation Green, featured in the Herald on January 16, but at least you can still see the key!”

He also captured a sunny Sunday in January, with a seagull flying and underneath, water boarders having fun, and the red sky in the morning on January 6 behind St Mary’s Church in Shoreham.

Mr Tarr then photographed Lancing College with reflection on Wednesday, January 22. “Just felt that it was too good to miss, taking advantage of this unseasonal weather,” he said.

Water spashing over the wooden footbridge by the River Adur on Friday, Januray 3, was pictured by Jason Koen from Lancing. He also took a picture of the River Adur the same day. “Nearly burst its banks,” he said.

Hywel Murray, of Kingsland Close, Shoreham, took his stunningly atmospheric photo by the River Adur, looking west towards Norfolk Bridge.

Cyril Crouch from Shoreham Beach took a series of storm photographs on Saturday, January 4, at high tide, between 12.05pm and 12.40pm. He took them at the concrete breakwater on the western side of the entrance to Shoreham Harbour. Winds were gusting at 60mph plus and the tide reached a height of 6.70metres.

One shows the entry gates to the West Arm Breakwater, ripped off in the high wind and wild sea. The others capture the stormy seas on Shoreham Beach, near the West Arm Breakwater, in high winds on Saturday, January 4.

Dave O’Rourke also took a photograph that stormy weekend, on the West Arm in Shoreham Harbour on the Sunday morning, after the storms the night before.

Jacky Woolcock, of Beach Road, Shoreham Beach, captured the high tides the same weekend at Shoreham Beach, showing the maximum height the water reached in the area, then the calm after the storm on the Sunday morning.

Roy Clarke, of New Road, Shoreham, sent in a picture of Sussex Yacht Club at high tide on Friday, January 3.




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