GALLERY: Readers’ pictures – December 2013

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TODAY, we are launching a new, monthly gallery of readers’ pictures on our website.

Photographs are used in the Shoreham Herald and Steyning Herald newspapers on the letters pages, in the Focus On You section.

These pictures, plus the best of the rest sent in each month, will now also feature online, with a gallery published on the first of each month.

The December gallery features a collection of 14 photographs taken in Shoreham, Southwick and Steyning.

Ken Sillence from Worthing sent in two photographs of the River Adur, one showing some stunning reflections.

“The weather was good and I thought this was a interesting shot of the new bridge,” he added about the other one.

Gill Middleton from Bramber sent in two photographs taken by her son-in-law, Chris Bolton, who lives in Shoreham.

One shows the Christmas tree at his family’s house and the other is of a winter sunset in north Shoreham.

Warwick Baker photographed the Towers Convent choir and orchestra, performing at the Holmbush Centre, Shoreham, on December 16, in aid of the Brighton and Worthing homeless.

“My granddaughter, Chloe Ellman Baker, is playing the harp,” he pointed out.

The Old Shoreham Buccaneers dancing on the new Adur Ferry Bridge on December 14 were photographed by Cyril C. Crouch from Shoreham Beach. They were also dancing in East Street that morning, at the Shoreham Farmers’ Market.

Robert Lyn, of Connaught Avenue, Shoreham, captured the ‘Turner-like’ atmosphere near St Nicolas Church on his way to work in mid-December.

The photograph of cars passing by the famous Saxon Cottage, in Church Street, Steyning, has been included in a 2014 calendar by Liam Teague, of Jarvis Lane, Steyning.

He said: “I have made a small run of calendars consisting of 12 photos of Steyning, which I am selling myself for £5.99. My contact details for anyone who would like one are irncru@hotmail.co.uk, or on 07796626308.”

There was a double treat for steam fans on December 7, when a pair of steam locomotives came through Southwick, Shoreham and Worthing.

Mike Jennings took his picture at Southwick. “The train this time was double-headed by a pair of Black Five locomotives,” he said.

The flooding in mid-December inspired several photographs.

Mike Wooldridge, of Riverbank, Shoreham, sent in two of the flooding at Shoreham Airport.

“If the water had risen another 175mm, it would have gone over the riverbank footpath by the houseboats,” he said.

David Tarr, of North Street, Shoreham, also mentioned the flooding. He sent in a photo of the lunchtime high tide in Shoreham on December 6, under the new Adur Ferry Bridge.

“Looks like they have got the height about right,” he said.

Adam Rowland, of Rosslyn Road, Shoreham, snapped some Santas paddle boarding on the River Adur in Shoreham.

Meanwhile, Eric Cleobury from Shoreham sent in a photo from his holiday in Venice.

“As the mist cleared from the lagoon, Shoreham artist Alison Lapper appeared,” said Eric, referring to the replica of Marc Quinn’s famous sculpture.




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