Further flood alerts issued by Environment Agency

Flooding at the back of the Arun View pub in Littlehampton

Flooding at the back of the Arun View pub in Littlehampton

THERE are further flood alerts throughout the area today (Saturday, January 4) after a torrid spell of recent weather.

The Environment Agency has made the alerts for Littlehampton Rope Walk, several parts of the River Arun, and the area around Shoreham Harbour.

Much of the flooding is expected to peak during the early afternoon.

River levels from Pulborough to Littlehampton are expected to rise during the day, peaking approximately at 1.30pm.

The Environment Agency says it expects river levels to generally stay within bank, but said flooding was possible at Pulborough, Houghton Bridge, Arundel and Ford.

Tidal areas of Shoreham Harbour, including Shoreham Airport, Shoreham high street, areas of Riverside Road and Shoreham Harbour itself are at risk of being affected.

The Environment Agency said tides would be around 10 centimetres higher by night-time but should recede by Sunday.

At Littlehampton Rope Walk, the industrial units could be affected by the high tide over lunchtime.

Tides will also be 10 centimetres higher on Saturday night, but should also start to fall from Sunday.

At the moment, there are no flood alerts for Worthing.

A flood alert indicates a possibility of flooding and warns people to be prepared.

Yesterday, rain and rising tides and river levels caused flooding throughout the area, particularly in Shoreham and Littlehampton.

Updates to follow.




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