Children’s charity makes plea for funding

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A CHARITY for babies and children with special needs is appealing for urgent financial help as it fights to stay open.

The Camelia Botnar Children’s Centre in Goring requires £250,000 a year to stay open and faces an uncertain future if financial assistance is not secured by the end of April.

It provides pre-school development support for around 70 children up to five years old with a range of special needs, and attracts families from all over West Sussex.

Pamela Davison from Shoreham, whose grand-daughter Roseann, three, attends the centre weekly, said: “If this closes, there is absolutely nowhere for these children, there is no government provision and no local authority provision so if this stops that is it for the kids.

“The great thing about the centre is that children are normal here and they are accepted for who they are which means so much.

“These mums and dads have got to fight for their kids all the time, and it is hard enough having a disabled child without having to fight for everything.
“This is a respite, a comfort and a home.”

Supervisor Jill Quayle said: “It is like a family here, there is a lot of passion from staff and we care for the whole family, not just the children because life can be hard. When the diagnosis comes through, parents need a lot of support.”

The centre needs to secure £250,000 per year, and a decision regarding its future will be made next month.

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