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A GROUP of diverse artists inspired by the South Downs and brought together through a love of art organised another ‘successful’ Steyning Christmas Arts show.

The event lasted just one weekend and exhibited paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings and jewellery across three different venues on November 30 and December 1.

More than 20 artists showed a range of work and were available at all three venues to offer their thoughts on their methods and inspirations to the 200 visitors.

Steyning Arts is a volunteer-led co-operative of local artists and includes many different types of art from ceramics and craft to drawings and sculptures.

Sarah Duffield displayed her paintings which are inspired by the South Downs and her subjects range from vast landscapes to individual flowers and seed heads.

She said: “I try to capture the emotion of a place rather than reproduce photographic representations.”

“I became a member of Steyning Arts in 2011 and have relished the opportunities the group has afforded me to exhibit, meet other artists and to share my work with them and the local community.”

“Steyning Arts introduces artists to each other, being an artist can be very lonely so it is so important to be able to share and speak with other artists.

“The weekend was a success and couldn’t have gone better.”

Jewellery designer and maker Katherine Lawrie creates one-off pieces inspired by textures of the natural world.

Speaking about the process of her work, she said: “I use a technique called roller texturing. I use things like lace, leaves, feathers and petals. I press them into the surface of the precious metal.

“The object disintegrates but leaves the surface of the metal with a rich ethereal texture. Using this technique involves a lot of happy accidents, but that is what keeps it fresh, and inspiring.”

Freelance photographer Frank Bull has lived in Upper Beeding for 28 years and uses the Sussex countryside as his main theme.

He said: “We had very positive feedback, people spoke of how professional the work was and that there was so much variety in pieces and price.

“We are all inspired by the South Downs you can’t help but to be.”

Through sales of refreshments, the group raised £100 for charity Your Space Your Time, which provides activities for children and young people with special needs.

Debbie Forsdyke works with stained glass and has just had a window put up in the church at Chailey, East Sussex.

She said: “It was just one weekend this time so it was more concentrated with a higher volume of people.

“It was such a nice atmosphere, festive with lights and holly, mulled wine, and lots of people buying gifts.”

Karen Corballis is a multi-skilled artist and works with ceramics, print, and oil paint. She used to paint abstracted landscapes of London but since moving south is influenced by the rural downs.

Chairman of Steyning Arts, Jon Corballis is inspired post impressionist art and his work is tonal, and he often paints portraits.

He said: “We think art is important within a community, we hope everyone thinks so, and if they don’t they should.

“We have a lot of ideas for the future, perhaps a French exchange with another village. We would like to involved local schools more as well and work with the younger community.”

For more information, visit: steyningarts.co.uk




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