Foul play messes up school trip

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A PARENT has criticised ‘irresponsible’ dog owners, after several primary school children and a teacher stepped in dogs’ mess on an outing to Buckingham Park.

When Swiss Gardens Primary School’s year-one pupils visited the park to collect bits and bobs for art projects, some ended up with more than they had bargained for.

“Unfortunately, we had only been there for ten minutes when the first child stepped in dog poo then got it on her hands as well,” said mum Loulou Cronin Agutter, who helped out on the trip.

“We were all really vigilant but with leaves on the ground it’s a nightmare to spot so then three more children and a teacher also stepped in it.

“It’s terrible up there. People wander off and let their dogs roam free and don’t bother to check where they are messing.

“People also sit at the cafe and let their dogs wander off, too. I have two dogs myself, and although it’s not a pleasant job, I always pick up after them.

I also have kids so I know how tricky it is watching everywhere they walk.

Loulou said Mill Hill was just the same, and said the river was ‘disgusting’.

“One warden for the whole of Shoreham is a joke,” she added.

“People should be fined if they’re found to have no means of picking up after their dogs. It gives responsible dog owners a bad name.”