Fake ‘police’ calls in Steyning

Beware fake phone calls claiming to be from the police
Beware fake phone calls claiming to be from the police

A SCAM where people get a phone call that appears to be from the police has been used in Steyning and surrounding areas.

PCSO Tom Slaughter is warning people to beware and points outs the police will never ask for private or confidential information over the phone.

“It starts with a person purporting to be from the police stating that your bank account has been used fraudulently,” he explained.

“They will then ask for you to hang up and call the police back to make sure the call is genuine, but they will remain on the line and use a fake dialling tone to disguise this.

“They will ask for confidential information about bank account details and dates of birth, etc., and use this to gain access to your accounts.”

PCSO Slaughter said people should report calls to the police if they are in doubt about the authenticity of the caller, or use a separate phone line to check with police at the time. He is also linking with banks in Steyning to help stop the scams.

Visit www.police.uk for more information about crimes in Steyning.