Engineer and his two pals mark 40 years at company

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A SHOREHAM man is celebrating 40 years at the same company, alongside two colleagues who started at the firm the same day.

Kevin Burt, of Saxons in Shoreham, started out as an apprentice at UK Power networks on the same day as pals John Gibbs and Colin Bush.

Kevin was 16 when he spotted an advert for the apprenticeship scheme in 1974, and had to decide whether to stay on at school for A levels or take the apprenticeship.

He chose the latter and his successful career has resulted in him being made a fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

“The last 40 years have passed quickly, particularly when I look back at the different roles I have undertaken, because I have enjoyed every stage of my career,” he said.

Now substation standards manager, Kevin has come a long way but can still remember his first pay packet; £5.50 for the month.

“The company has changed a lot since I started but it’s a good company to work for and I intend to carry on for as long as I continue to enjoy my job, which I do,” said Kevin.

“It’s nice to be a point of reference for the business and there’s lots of variety and challenges in my role.

“When I started my career it was my intention to remain in the industry until I reached retirement age but at no time did I believe I had a ‘job for life’, particularly given the economic challenges in recent years.

“I am grateful I have been able to remain within the industry, and indeed the same employer, for the last 40 years.”

Kevin had some words of advice for youngsters entering the job market.

“Decide what business environment you want to work in and set your goals around this. The times ahead will be challenging and sometimes you will not always get what you want. Be prepared to be flexible and to take on roles that don’t always seem to meet your aspirations. If you persevere you will get there.”