Centre users rally to replace burgled cash


Break in at Shoreham Community Centre. David Frost and Geoff Howlet with the wall safe

S03612H14 Break in at Shoreham Community Centre. David Frost and Geoff Howlet with the wall safe

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BURGLARS stole £1,000 set aside for a Burn’s Night supper in the Shoreham Centre’s second break-in in less than a week.

Regular users of the centre have rallied in support, and are planning to raise money to replace what was stolen.

The burglars forced entry through a fire exit and smashed open the night safe before making off with the contents, as well as computers and mobile phones late on Friday night.

A second safe was pulled onto the floor but proved too strong and too heavy for the thieves to get into.

The previous Thursday, thieves broke in and stole money belonging to the Adur Community Transport team.

Trustee Geoff Howitt said Charlotte and Helen who run Zumba classes were organising a collection, and Margaret Roberts of Shoreham and Southwick U3A had offered to sponsor a concert to raise more money.

Deputy manager Sara Collins said: “This reaction from our clients is so supportive; it really helps us not to be so very down hearted at a time when we are devastated by the losses and the damage caused.”

Lynne Jarrett, who teaches yoga at the centre, has offered to run extra classes, with the proceeds going to the centre.

“Hopefully we can get lots of people to come down and donate what they can afford,” she said.

“Shoreham is such a community-based place, and it’s important to help each other. It’s just such a shame that this has happened.”

No money will be left on the premises in future.

Mr Frost said: “It’s always a struggle with money, and to have something like this happen is really inconvenient.

“You have to acknowledge that there are some scum bags out there.

“We put in a lot of extra hours and effort to provide facilities for the community to use.

“It’s a blow. You almost take it personally because we are a charity.”

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